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Grants and Loans Policy

NLSD – Grants and Loans Policy and Application Form

The District is committed to give financial assistance to groups and to individuals where it can be demonstrated there is a need which cannot be met elsewhere and that it is for the benefit of Scouting, primarily within the District.

The District Executive as trustees for the District have to be mindful this is charity money and there needs to be a proper system in place which can be independently reviewed to make sure we are acting appropriately.

Groups/Units are reminded that it is part of the ethos of scouting that they organise their affairs so that they are financially self supporting. Fundraising is the responsibility of the Group Executive. It is however recognised this is not always possible for new groups and sometimes in the life cycle of a group additional help is required.

The District must act fairly between members so is less likely to give financial support to a long established Group for expenditure other Groups regularly meet from their own Group funds.

Priority will be given where the benefit will be shared by others in the District rather than members of one group.

It will be a fundamental condition that the latest Group accounts will be filed with the District and do comply in all major respects with the Charity Accounting guidelines. Up to date information may also be requested if the accounts are more than 6 months out of date.

Groups must be making full use of Gift Aid to recover tax on subscriptions and other donations from tax payers.

Early application is advised as the Executive only meet quarterly and depending on the size of the amount being applied for, and the reason, it may have to be approved by the full committee.


These will normally be straightforward and the Executive will just need to know the Group/Unit has every prospect of repaying over an agreed term. Small loans should normally be repaid within 2 years and providing repayments are made as agreed up front, will be interest free. Larger amounts will be subject to agreement at the time both regarding the length of repayment and if interest will be payable.

Application will be made on an official form which will be on the website. It will need to be signed by the GSL and Chair of the Group Executive (ESL and DESC for Explorer Units).


Again these need to be on the official form and signed as above.

The application must be clear what the grant is for and if approved can only be spent on that project. The District may pay the outgoing direct but if this is dealt with by the group will require a copy of any invoices to justify the grant.

The application will also need to make it clear why the group cannot pay from their own resources. Normally it would be expected that the group would at least match fund.

Grants to individuals for skill training courses will be on the understanding that the person makes themselves reasonably available to others in the District outside their own group. This may be for say 20 hours pa and it will be a requirement that if they leave the district for any reason within 2 years of the grant being made that they or the group will refund the grant.

It is expected that other sources of funding eg HQ will be pursued before an application is made to the District.


The District does have some funds set aside for specific purposes.

Eric Lark Memorial: This is available to young members under the age of 16 years to assist with the purchase of uniform and for camp/activity costs. The grants are normally quite small and the details are kept confidential. The
standard application form can be completed with basic facts of the need and can be signed by just the GSL and sent to the DC.

Details of the support being given by the group and why they cannot afford to give full support should be stated.

The DC will consult with the Chairman and/or Treasurer and a decision made promptly.

Uniform bought with a grant remains the property of the group and should be returned for use elsewhere when the young person grows out of it or moves out of the section.

Samaritan/Collingham Fund: This is as above but for those over age 16 including leaders or other members.

Skip Adams Fund: Primarily for Gang Shows/ Camp fires/ Similar entertainment.

The former Haringey District did have a Designated Fund for International Camps. Although that fund has now been transferred to General Funds applications will be considered to help fund this type of activity. It is appreciated that sometimes substantial amounts have to be paid up front, and before funds can be collected from parents, and the District will consider loans for this purpose.

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