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17 teams of Scouts from our district join the Chiltern 20 Challenge

Scouts from all corners of North London Scout District took part in the Chiltern 20 Challenge 2015.

The C20 is a gruelling test of navigation skills in the Chiltern Hills for Scouts aged 10 to 14.

17 of the 75 teams in the competition were from our district, drawn from eight of our Scout Troops:

  • 1st City of London
  • 8th Hampstead
  • 8th Muswell Hill
  • 8th Holborn
  • 9th Muswell Hill
  • 15th Wood Green
  • 31st Islington
  • 201st Islington
 Big congratulations to the Phoenix Flyers from 201st Islington Sea Scout Troop who were the overall winners.

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